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Update! Plans for the website and the blog

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Hi everybody!

I’m really pleased to start the week with a couple of announcements.

One is that, starting from today, I’m committing to increasing my blog post output to one post per week instead of one every fortnight – so if you find my deluge of (random, usually sinister) thoughts interesting, then the volume is about to double! (And if you don’t, do let me know what you’d prefer to read here.)

The second is that I’m re-launching my website,, which has been completely overhauled and reformatted in response to feedback. I am really hopeful you’ll now find it much easier to navigate, but would love to hear your thoughts; you can contact me with feedback n a number of ways as follows:

- Comment on this blog post

- Find me on Twitter @richterwrites

- Find me on Instagram @jonrichterwrites

- Hunt me down on Facebook

My hope in taking the above steps is that my website will get a bit more traffic, and that in turn I’ll get more subscribers to my mailing list, and hopefully a few more readers! If you’re reading this and haven’t yet subscribed to the mailing list, please consider doing so via the homepage of this site – I would be enormously grateful, and all that will happen is you’ll get very occasional updates and announcements from me about new books and any other projects, and you’ll also receive a free short story to creep you out on your next commute.

Finally, while you’re here, a reminder of my two upcoming novels to be released later this year:

- London 2039: Auxiliary is a noir detective, cyberpunk thriller, and will be released by TCK Publishing on 1st May 2020.

- <As yet untitled> is a brand new crime thriller to be published by Bloodhound Books on 15th June 2020.

I thank you all enormously for your time and support, and look forward to hopefully keeping you enthralled and entertained in the coming months!

Until next time,


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Ian Miller
Ian Miller
Aug 05, 2020

Hi Jon, your newest fan and fellow blogger ! (from the PoW) !! Just exploring the website, (love R.U.I.N, by the way) - looking forward to our chat next week. Would love to know how you got into writing, alongside the world of project finance (I'll re-read your bio !) - all the best for the future.

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