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The Big Reveal

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Hi everyone,

For today’s blog post I am extremely excited to finally share with you the cover for my new novel!

Set in London in 2039, Auxiliary is a noir detective thriller that explores how emerging technological trends will shape our society, and how crime will adapt to take advantage of new opportunities…

The novel imagines a city populated by driverless cars, primitive robots, and the Augmented Reality spectacles that have replaced mobile phones. London’s disaffected citizens, rendered obsolete and unable to work by this new technology, spend their lives behind closed doors, consoling themselves in immersive VR environments, shopping online for 3D-printed goods, or eating groceries brought to them by scuttling delivery machines. The streets are empty and desolate, apart from occasional demonstrations by anti-tech protest groups.

Against this bleak urban backdrop, detective Carl Dremmler must solve a troubling murder case, after a woman is brutally killed by her boyfriend inside her apartment. His investigation will plunge him into a labyrinth of conspiracy and deceit, where he will encounter desperate criminals, scheming tycoons, deadly automatons, and question the intentions of the enigmatic AI that runs the city and seems to have its own sinister agenda.

Auxiliary will be released later in 2019 by TCK Publishing, who I would like to thank for this fantastic cover design, and I look forward to bringing you more updates in the coming weeks. If you want to stay informed, please join my mailing list, or follow me on Twitter @RichterWrites.

Until next time, watch this space!

Jon R

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